Nic Green – Lead Artist

nic greenMy name is Nic Green and I am the lead artist on TURN. I was born in Dennistoun, grew up in Yorkshire, and as an adult returned to Glasgow where I have lived for the past fifteen years. I make a mixture of theatre and outdoor performance work, and in the past have received commissions and awards from a number of national and international arts organisations. I am passionate about creating unique arts events for particular places, people, or contexts. Despite me being called the ‘lead artist,’ my true interest is in following. I try to create spaces where the practices of listening, exploration and reflection are as valuable as any ‘production’ or outcome and on the whole I choose not to create objects as the basis of my work although I am making bells on this project! Instead I create work that is about people gathering together for events and happenings. Having a singer for a mother taught me from an early age about the potential in bringing people together to connect and engage in meaning, ritual and shared experience. Many threads of research and intrigue have woven over several years to create the possibilities and circumstances for this project. I am completely thrilled it will go ahead in the Docks this September.


Yas Clarke – Sound Design

yasI am an artist and a musician and I’m interested in how sound and music can change our experience of all different kinds of art. I usually collaborate with other artists to think about the role of sound in their work and I have been looking at the balance and the quality of sounds down in the docks. I’ve spent a long time on this project designing elaborate contraptions and new instruments. One of my jobs has been to make a device which measures the movement of the tide in the river and I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can use this device to introduce the natural cycle of the tide into the project. A lot of my work is about our relationship with the environment and the different ways we interact with it. I’m interested in the graving docks because of their history and because of the way they are now being taken over by plants and by the river, but are still used constantly as a place for us to walk dogs or to hang out by the water.


Naomi Pinnock – Composer

naomiWhen I was growing up one of my favourite pieces of music was Pachelbel’s Canon, a piece that despite its ubiquitous popularity, I still really like. I loved its simplicity, the fact that it was easy to follow the process and I loved the repetition.
I grew up in a small town in West Yorkshire. After moving to London to study, since 2006 I’ve been based mostly in Germany. I still maintain close ties to the UK and have particularly developed a strong relationship with the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, run by Graham MacKenzie, where I’ve had quite a number of performances over the years.

Like my favourite piece from my childhood, my music is often reduced down to simple elements and I often repeat phrases in a same-but-different way. Inspiration for my work comes from many sources including literature, etymology, and works of art. Most recently I wrote piano pieces inspired by the minimalist paintings of American artist Agnes Martin. I have a particular fondness for composing for the voice and I enjoy both the highly individual character of each voice as well as the vitality of voices brought together.

You can read more on my website: naomipinnock.co.uk


Nick Millar – Production Manager

nickI have worked as a production manager or technical manager on numerous high profile sited events over the last 25 years. Specialising in performance events in non-theatre spaces I have also managed large-scale festivals such as Mayfest, Glasgow 1996, IETM, Glasgow 2010, British Dance Edition, Glasgow and Edinburgh 2014. Recent projects include Away With the Birds, part of Glasgow 2014 cultural programme, Michael Clark Company Barrowland project, part of the 2012 cultural Olympiad and Master Rock, Artangel and BBC radio 4 2015. Theatre work includes National Theatre of Scotland, Untitled Projects, Traverse Theatre, Scottish Opera to name a few.

In addition to these roles, In my own artistic practice I work broadly within an environmental context with Minty Donald. Recent work includes THEN/NOW public art installations on and for the Forth and Clyde Canal and an ongoing project entitled Guddling About.


Minty Donald – Dramaturgy

mintyI am an artist who is interested in relationships between humans and water — particularly in the form of humans’ interactions with rivers, canals, streams and burns. Exploring humans-water relations — in a range of different situations — is a way for me to think about humanity’s changing role in the world, in the context of phenomena such as climate change, the depletion of ‘natural’ resources, post-industrialisation and rapid urban expansion.

I work in different media, chosen in response the specific location and context of each project. My work has taken the form of public events and performances; video, installations using sound, objects and projected images; and publications.

I often collaborate with my partner, Nick Millar. Recent and ongoing projects include, Guddling About, an evolving series of performances with rivers and other watercourses and THEN/NOW, a public art commission for/with the Forth and Clyde Canal in Glasgow.

For TURN, I am excited to be working in Govan Graving Docks, where I will be focusing particularly on the ways in which the space is animated through the performances. I feel inspired and challenged by this location, which has been, and continues to be, of such significance to Govan.

I am also a lecturer in contemporary performance practice at the University of Glasgow.


FERAL – Jill Smith and Kathryn Boyle – Producers

We are arts organisers who work together to support artists making cross artform work and champion makers who explore new artistic languages through their practice. We are particularly interested in finding ways to stage performances in civic spaces that celebrate and respond to the urban geography of Glasgow.

Our role within TURN will be dealing with the practical and logistical concerns of the project and feel excited to collaborate on a performance that will animate and enliven the Govan Dry Docks and allow people to engage with the site in new ways.


Rosie Galloway – Bell-Maker

I have been interested in metal casting since my very early teens. My fascination began with the great13436032_10208869681635698_141026211_n bronze sculptures by Henry Moore’s at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near where I grew up in Yorkshire. This lead me to quit academic education at the age of 16 to study exclusively sculpture in the same school as Henry Moore. This is where my practice in mould making and casting began. By 18 years old I had done my first metal casting, and before I turned 20 I did a 6 month metal casting course in the United States where I worked in casting metals: iron, copper, bronze and aluminium.

This project is very interesting to me because there is a big emphasis on the handmade quality of each bell, and how the process and production of each one gives it it’s own individuality and shows a great respect to the material.

I also love the way that bronze is used in this project primarily for it’s sound quality, above the obvious fact it’s a semi precious metal, it’s a really unique celebration of beautiful material.

The project is offering new excitements and challenges and I look forward to every pour!

Conner Milliken – Participant Co-Ordinator

Biog PhotoMy name is Conner and I am an artist interested in working with communities to tell their stories and experiences. I studied at the University of Glasgow and have lived in this city all of my life. My gran and granda came from Govan, as
did my Nana and great-granda and so I have always felt a connection to the area. Growing up in a working class part of Glasgow I feel it is important to tell the stories of the people and places that make this city great. In the past I have worked with performers with little or no experience to tell their own stories and love working with people from a plethora of backgrounds.

My professional work centres around events management, marketing and social media marketing and my role within the project is to get as many people involved as possible and to make sure that they and their needs are being looked after.

This project is so wonderful and celebratory and I can’t wait to help as many people get involved and engage with it as I can!


Neil Scott – Web Designer

My name is Neil Scott and I am a UX designer and web developer based in Glasgow. Recent projects include sites for Hot Chip, My Bookcase, Ellie Harrison, SPT, and Bring Back British Rail. I also help edit and write the New Escapologist, a magazine about the absurdity of the 9-to-5. To this end, I recently took a sabbatical from full-time work to be part of amazing projects like TURN.