The entirety of this work acts from the belief in the power of intentional, creative action, the positive effects of ‘giving voice’ and being heard, and the importance of shared experience. Collaborative practice is at the heart of everything TURN hopes to achieve.

TURN focuses on the relationships between diverse entities. The form and methodologies of this project are committed to emphasising the complex interweave between people/place, sound/space, human/non-human, past/present. We hope this will result in a unique and special experience, for an extraordinary space.

This project is committed to bringing together a diversity of voices and experiences to share in this context. The work has, and will continue to place good listening, critical questioning, and the practice of care at its heart.

TURN aims to create a number of opportunities and make a number of direct invitations to the people of Govan and surrounding areas. Recognising Govan as a place of diverse and changing demographics, we hope the presentation and reach of TURN will reflect this. We aim to make invitations for participation as widely and thoroughly as possible (within Govan). We will work with local organisations and individuals to reach out to the various groups and communities in the area.

Participating in the performance, whether as an audience member or otherwise, will be completely free for everyone.
Everyone participating in this project will be treated with respect, equality and care. Where possible, we strive to create opportunities that are accessible to individuals with varying needs.