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For all inquiries email or text 07962996290

Broadcast On Your Birthday

Are you a woman whose birthday falls on the 1st, 16th or 30th of September? We would love to hear from you.

Volunteer as an Usher

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to act as ushers on the three performance dates of the 1st, 16th and 30th of September.

Your role will be to act as a guide and usher interacting with the audience, ensuring they do not stray into unsafe areas of the site and giving them information on aspects of the site, its history and its possible futures.

Informing people on what they can do and any questions they may have about the work.

(All volunteers will be briefed on the information and safety role beforehand).

You will be a part of a team of volunteers with a dedicated leader and will also work with the front of house and audience safety team. Experience not necessary.

If you are interested get in touch by emailing us at .

Performances and Tickets

There will be three public performances held on the docks on the 1st, 16th and the 30th of September.

Information on tickets and booking are now available via our Performances page.

All events are ticketed but free, and are bookable through this website, or in the case of the 16th, through the Glasgow Doors Open Day events program.

Any questions regarding access get in touch via


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