Nic Green on TURN

Last night it was another new moon, meaning two lunar months have passed since we completed TURN. It is no time at all, yet it seems longer. Since then the clocks have gone back, Trump is the president elect, we had a supermoon, the trees have turned and winter is here.

Reflecting on the experience of creating TURN, my overwhelming feeling is one of privilege and gratitude. This is due mainly to having been able to work with so many extraordinary people. All the ringer-singers, the birthday women, the volunteers, our team, everyone at Galgael, and the countless people in Govan and beyond who listened, helped, noticed. This combination made the project what it was. If I were to go back and do it again, would I do things differently? Some things, yes- there is inevitable learning to be taken from something of this scale, ambition and strangeness of idea.

Unusually, although the process lasted a year or more, and the performances took place over a month, it seems some kind of distant dream now. My entire life revolved around this project for at least 12 months, but it feels now a watery mirage of something impossible to grasp, hold on to, quantify or even describe.

I am really enjoying this quality.

The performance came and went with the moon, the tide, the weather, a birthday, a memory. Now it’s like a ripple, or an echo, fading slightly with each palimpsest. I wonder how I will remember it a year from now?

Maybe like looking at a reflection in water.

Spending so much time on the docks, thinking about the histories, the proposed futures, learning about the relationships that folk already have with the space, it felt right to impress something ‘other’ onto the space. At the time of doing this, I did not/do not know what the effects or impacts of such an impression might be, but I know that by creating experiences and associations with space, alters our psychogeography and the way we perceive place and ourselves as part of it.

Voice on granite

Metal on metal

Rain on plastic

Wind on water

Voice on song

I am resisting quantifying, summarising or writing with a sense of completion here. It just doesn’t feel right to refer to TURN as fixed or finished. Much of the art I make remains a mysterious beast, something difficult to quantify in other languages, so I won’t try here, in fact, I will actively avoid it, but perhaps the images and sounds of the work can do a better job of presenting the gentle traces, and watery echoes of this work.

TURN by Margaret McMillian

One of our Ringers-Singers was moved to write this piece in relation to the project and her experience.


A turning point in life
Is when we make changes

To the way we live

From the way we did live.

We hope the Turn of change

Will make a difference in our life,

Hopefully for the better.

Once we decide change is needed

We have a different outlook on things.

It’s a thought process

About who we are

About what we want

And how we adapt to changes.

We can Turn our back on things

We can Turn a new chapter in life.

If we could Turn back the Hands of Time

Would we change anything?

Think about it.

Anything can make us Turn in a new direction:
Relationship or Family Breakdown
I’m sure we have had many turning points in life that have had an impact on us.
But do we remember all of them?
To Turn in a new direction of any kind is a big decision.
Things will be different.
Life Turns every day with life and death.
So much can change when we turn things around.

The circle of life (TURNS).

by Margaret McMillan

Everything is Coming Together

Dear Friends,

We are approaching the very first performance of TURN which will be happening on the first of September! Remember to get your free tickets for the 1st and the 30th here.

Rosie, our resident bell-maker, has been working with Nick to make all of the hand-held bells for various Imageorganisations around Govan and they are coming along brilliantly! Rosie and Nick were recently joined by the photographer Julia Bauer to take some stunning shots of the bell casting process that is the culmination of a long and intricate process of making the bells.

Starting by making individual and unique clay patterns Image-3for each bell, Rosie works diligently for hours to prepare the lettering for each cast before the melting and casting processes are completed.

While we have finished the large majority of bells for all of the Govan organisations we still have a few more to finish. We are excited to see the final bells that Rosie is currently working on.

All of the bells are being crafted in the Galgael: a wonderful organisation who provide Image-4a valuable space for local people in Govan, Ibrox and across Glasgow. To find out more about the incredible work that they do visit their website.

Our ringers-singers have been rehearsing with lead artist, Nic Green and our composer, Naomi Pinnock for a number of weeks and the composition that has been created with them is sounding beautiful. We can’t wait for their work to be shared with the audiences for each performance.

While it is too late to sign up to join the ringers-singers we are on the look-out for volunteers to act as ushers for the performances. For more information on signing up to take part please see this section of our website.

Remember to book your tickets as the spaces are filling up fast! Tickets for the performance on the 16th of September will go live on the 24th of August via the Glasgow Doors Open Day website so keep an eye out for when those launch.

Exciting Updates!



Dear friends,

We have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks getting everything into place for the performances in September (the first one being only eight weeks away: exciting).

Here are all of the exciting updates just in case you missed anything!

We are still encouraging people to get involved with the project by joining up to be a ringer-singer where you will be working with our composer, Naomi and lead artist, Nic to create and sing beautiful music all the while ringing the hand made bells that Nic is currently casting at Galgael. For anyone wishing to join the ‘ringer-singers,’ the next choir rehearsals are as follows:

– Saturday 16th July 9.30am-12pm / Riverside Hall
– Saturday 30th July 9.30am-12pm / Riverside Hall

– Saturday 13th August 9.30am-12pm / Riverside Hall
– Saturday 20th August 9.30am-12pm / Riverside Hall
– Saturday 27th August 9.30am-12pm / Riverside Hall
– Sunday 28th August 2.30-6pm / The Shed (23 Clydebrae Street, G51 2AJ)
– Tuesday 30th August 5.30-7pm / Riverside Hall
– Wednesday 31st August 5.30-8pm / PI Mary Barbour

The dates in September are still being arranged but mark those in your calendars!

We have also had a great response from women whose birthdays fall on the 1st, 16th and 30th of September. Anyone whose birthday falls on the 1st, 16th or 30th of September are invited to meet with Nic on the 14th of July from 6-7.30pm at the Pierce Institute in the Alex Ferguson room. If this applies to you please RSVP to us via our email address

The Pierce Institute is located at 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU and the Riverside Hall is located at 29-31 Clydebrae St, Glasgow G51 2AJ.

We now have a Facebook Page and Twitter account where we will update regularly about how the project is going, with lots photos and info about the process. Like our page and follow us for more updates and behind the scenes content!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

We can’t wait for you all to be involved and we will see you soon!



TURN at the Govan Fair!


The TURN team had the pleasure of spending a day at the historic, Govan Fair on Sunday the 5th of June in Elder Park. Now in its 260th year the fair had stalls and games galore (not to mention some cracking weather) and we were so honoured to have a stall.

Govan Fair Bell 2 (2)It was a fun-filled day with members of the community enjoying all that the fair had to offer. There were dizzying amusement rides and some tasty grub.

The TURN team’s stall was right next to the community tent which featured a number of talented musicians and singers from Govan and the city of Glasgow. They had everyone clapping and singing (badly in our case) along to very recent chart hits and some not so recent- tunes that we are sadly old enough to remember when they were first released.

Nic Green and the team at TURN created a hand-made bell for the Govan Fair, one of twenty-nine bells commissioned for organisations and people in Govan for the project. Nick Millar put the finishing touches to the bell including a hand-turned handle made by the incredibly talented Rosie before Margaret, a dear friend of ours and Govan lass, presented the bell to Jimmy Stringfellow, chair of the Govan Fair. 13336019_311956059136108_4955081997081672105_n

After speaking to many members of the community and recruiting a few more ringers-singers to the project the team set off with the sun still beating and the feelings of joy that the day gave to us all.

Thank you to the Govan Fair for having us and we can’t wait for next year!

Team TURN.

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