Everything is Coming Together

Dear Friends,

We are approaching the very first performance of TURN which will be happening on the first of September! Remember to get your free tickets for the 1st and the 30th here.

Rosie, our resident bell-maker, has been working with Nick to make all of the hand-held bells for various Imageorganisations around Govan and they are coming along brilliantly! Rosie and Nick were recently joined by the photographer Julia Bauer to take some stunning shots of the bell casting process that is the culmination of a long and intricate process of making the bells.

Starting by making individual and unique clay patterns Image-3for each bell, Rosie works diligently for hours to prepare the lettering for each cast before the melting and casting processes are completed.

While we have finished the large majority of bells for all of the Govan organisations we still have a few more to finish. We are excited to see the final bells that Rosie is currently working on.

All of the bells are being crafted in the Galgael: a wonderful organisation who provide Image-4a valuable space for local people in Govan, Ibrox and across Glasgow. To find out more about the incredible work that they do visit their website.

Our ringers-singers have been rehearsing with lead artist, Nic Green and our composer, Naomi Pinnock for a number of weeks and the composition that has been created with them is sounding beautiful. We can’t wait for their work to be shared with the audiences for each performance.

While it is too late to sign up to join the ringers-singers we are on the look-out for volunteers to act as ushers for the performances. For more information on signing up to take part please see this section of our website.

Remember to book your tickets as the spaces are filling up fast! Tickets for the performance on the 16th of September will go live on the 24th of August via the Glasgow Doors Open Day website so keep an eye out for when those launch.