TURN by Margaret McMillian

One of our Ringers-Singers was moved to write this piece in relation to the project and her experience.


A turning point in life
Is when we make changes

To the way we live

From the way we did live.

We hope the Turn of change

Will make a difference in our life,

Hopefully for the better.

Once we decide change is needed

We have a different outlook on things.

It’s a thought process

About who we are

About what we want

And how we adapt to changes.

We can Turn our back on things

We can Turn a new chapter in life.

If we could Turn back the Hands of Time

Would we change anything?

Think about it.

Anything can make us Turn in a new direction:
Relationship or Family Breakdown
I’m sure we have had many turning points in life that have had an impact on us.
But do we remember all of them?
To Turn in a new direction of any kind is a big decision.
Things will be different.
Life Turns every day with life and death.
So much can change when we turn things around.

The circle of life (TURNS).

by Margaret McMillan